I offer the following therapy modalities.  A typical therapy session will combine various modalities in order to customize the session based on your goals and desired outcomes

Deep Tissue – reshapes muscles and other soft tissues using intense (but not painful!) pressure to free restrictions

Trigger Point – intense pin-point pressure to break apart localized areas of scar tissue and adhesions

Sports Massage – therapy that is customized to the athlete and sport, with the primary goals being reduction of pain, increased functional range of motion, and improved athletic performance

Myofascial Release – therapy that seeks to restore normal “slide and glide” of the fascial layers within the body, to restore muscle function, improve range of motion, and reduce pain

Circulatory Massage – light to medium pressure massage to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage, with the goals of reducing muscle tension and stress

Stretching – assisted stretch methods including AIS and PNF to increase range of motion

Movement Evaluation – an evaluation of how you perform functional movements and your range of motion to identify areas of compensation and dysfunction, for the determination of the root causes of pain

Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) – Improves range of motion and frees restrictions using tools to “scrape” tissues and break apart areas of myofascial adhesions.

RockTape – kinesiology tape applied for the purposes of pain reduction, posture correction, or the reduction of inflammation.

Fully-clothed – most modalities can be performed fully clothed.  Your comfort level is the most important priority, I can work with anything that you are comfortable with!

Cupping therapy  –  a perfect complement to massage therapy, cupping therapy uses vacuum depressurization to help move areas of poorly circulating lymph and blood in order to restart the body’s innate healing processes