Since March 2009
Level 1 certified in January 2011
Passionate about CF – changing lives (mine/pre-diabetes), keeping people healthy
Car analogy – maintenance vs overhauling

Cristina-Grad-2007-with-Don-after2smNot only did CrossFit change my life, it saved it too.  I first started CrossFitting in March of 2009 at the request of my doctor.  I had been diagnosed as being Pre-Diabetic a couple of years prior, and nothing I was doing was helping.  I was dieting and exercising, but it wasn’t the right way.  And I was determined not to live a life dependent on medications and injections.  My doctor told me to try CrossFit and I have been able to reverse all the Pre-Diabetes with nutrition and CrossFit!

As with every CrossFitter who “drank the kool-aid”, I went overboard with my workouts (what are affectionately known as WODs, or Workouts Of the Day), and I inevitably got injured.  I got to a point where I was unable to raise my arm above shoulder height due to severe shoulder pain.  I saw just about every therapist I could: massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, ortho, etc.  The pain would go away, then just come back.  The discussions that followed were about surgery and changing my expectations about what I should be able to do…  Unacceptable!  I finally got referred to a movement doctor who properly diagnosed that my problem was in my spine, not my shoulder!  My shoulder was chronically compensating for the lack of mobility in my thoracic spine, so of course the pain would always come back.

9-11-2010 WOD Don Wong

Needless to say, I have been pain free ever since I was truly able to rehab my shoulder and spine.  And this is how I deliver my therapy – I take a movement-based approach and seek to restore the body into a fully-functional state.  For me, movement is life!  Without the ability to CrossFit 3-5 times a week, I know that my Pre-Diabetes could easily come back.  I need to CrossFit to stay healthy, and in order to do that I need my body to be pain-free and fully-functional.  That is why I am so passionate about CrossFit and about what I do as a bodywork/movement therapist.

If you CrossFit, then you definitely need to see me.  I know the demands of CrossFit, I live the lifestyle, I know how the body moves, and I became a Level 1 CrossFit coach in January 2011.  Seeing me is like doing maintenance on your car.  If you are not changing the oil regularly and catching those problems early, then you’ll have a rude awakening when you need to do an overhaul of the whole car!  I can help CrossFitters resolve problems when the first occur, so that major injury is prevented.  I can also help identify potential problems before they occur by evaluating movement.  I really want to be that first line of defense, to keep you healthy and CrossFitting!